Christmas Wrap Up

The star of the show was baby Jesus, I mean Alex. We had probably 40 people over in total, all of whom wanted to hold or help with Alex. Which is nice, but he then didn’t sleep the last two days due to overstimulation. Wonderful.

The fried turkey was a huge hit, I barely got a piece myself. The ham was a standard affair and probably would have been even more popular if we had fried it too.

Presents – my parents got me some pants, which is nice because I’ve got long legs and a short middle and pants are somewhat tough to come by. I usually ended up walking on the cuffs. Plus parenthood hasn’t been kind to my middle. Also got stupid amounts of chocolate and cookies, which is probably the last thing I needed since my wife also baked stupid amounts of cookies. We’ve got a fairly high end mixer I’m slowly warming up to, which I’ve used to make delicious breads, but Kelly employs it like a fiend. Hand made bread + butter = heaven.

Got a new coffee maker, with a clock on it. I think next year (when this one breaks – the life expectancy of a coffee maker around here is measured in months) I will try to get a coffee maker that roasts, grinds and brews up coffee. Then again maybe I’ll stick to the basics since we’re hard on equipment. Kelly got a scone kit, which is good stuff although I have a terrible time only having sweets for breakfast. I got a monkey bread kit with the recipe for monkey bread which is TOP NOTCH. Also people got me coffee, huge bags of coffee.

We had a big old Christmas fire in the fireplace, nothing like wood warms the bones quite as well. Supposedly the days are getting longer and brighter but you couldn’t tell me that this morning.

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