Things are Getting Silly: Beer Glasses

First, it was Sam Adams with their special pint glass. While it claims to help you better taste their beer, I suspect the real reason for it is to try to please the Sir Chugsalot crowd. There are some people, myself included on occaision, who simply drink beer too quickly. For something like Sam Adams which has enough taste to stand up to careful drinking and enjoyment, this might be something they think people miss. On the other hand, Sam Adams is Sam Adams. It’s not going to change – looking at you Yeungling – so I don’t feel guilty when I drink one quickly. For the crowd that always drinks one quickly, they might be interested in this glass, it might do something for them. On the other hand, glassware does change how a beer presents, and that’s part of the fun. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind having one for the sake of having Option 4 when it comes to glassware. For those wondering what the beer glasses are – the standard pint, the pilsner flute and the snifter are the “standard” glass styles. Little variation exists, although I usually just use a wine glass instead of a snifter. Having some kind of weird combination glass might get more mileage out of a pint, I suppose.

New Belgum decided they wanted to get on the failwagon with their own glassware. This is fine except it’s a snifter. There’s nothing really custom about it. The fact they pitch it as the same thing as the Sam Adams glass is an affront to common sense.

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