Happy 0th Birthday Alex!

Well I haven’t been blogging because… I haven’t been at work or really interacting with anyone. In fact I’ve been spending almost all my time looking after Kelly and Alex because Alex came almost three weeks early. Although he’s healthy, we ended up doing an emergency C section at Phoenixville Hospital.

Needless to say, don’t go to Phoenixville if you have a choice. I know medical stuff isn’t an exact science for things like epidorals and whatnot, and they did take good care of my grandmother. However their birthplace is nothing short of terrible. The anesthesiologist had the gall to answer his personal cellphone and leave for three hours while “the drugs worked”. In total they tried three times to get the epi right and failed it quite badly. Dr Brown also seemed to be clueless and generally unconcerned, which is bad when you’re the only people in the unit. Dr Cadajew was quite nice. The nurse staff was terrible and ended up in an argument about how the interuterine contraction machine worked. PROTIP – Press “ZERO” when she’s at the low side of her contraction. How fucking hard is it? Kelly defended them saying it’s not an exact science, but my opinion is that it doesn’t need to be, it just needs to work. And they weren’t working.

That being said the hospital itself generally is nice and the PennCare for Kids has Dr Kline who is also extremely nice and knowledgeable. Anyone who laughs at “shitpiss” for “diaper status” has my business. Anesthesiologist is some foreign piece of trash, Dr Brown did nothing to impress me nor her dyke nurse (also black). Deliver somewhere else, but do check out their Penn Care for Kids if you live in the area.

baby boy

There's Alex, born 27 OCT 2009

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