Goodbye to Little Green Footballs

What a turnaround it’s been. McCain picked Palin and sank his chance at the office. Obama continues to think he’s Gods Gift while he really only won by a thin margin in the popular vote and it was most likely because people were voting against Palin. Fred Thompson bowed out without much protest and he would have had my vote. The Independent Party is looking better and better and if they can keep Al Gore out and the rest of the environmental loonies they might have something to go on. Also the tax code is a mess. Buying a house has opened my eyes to it.

Charles over at LGF has also managed to ban almost all of my favorite commenters in the last month or so. I’m pretty sure the problem is that he simply sold out. He’s either writing a book or preparing for television and his blog needs to toe some imaginary line to be “more centrist” or whatever. Or maybe it’s the popularity of Obama or the fear of being “wrong”. I’ll be open about it – I didn’t think Bush was the second coming of Jesus Reagan Christ himself but I thought he was damn good. I don’t think Obama is Lucifer Carter Satan but I do think he’s blind, idealistic and inept. I expect the mortgage rate to reflect this in about a year when there’s no more games to play in “stimulating” the economy. Unfortunately for LGF, this kind of commentary and sarcasm gets you banned, and it’s now decided to become the Daily Kos of the “centrist” blogs.

So emerges LGF2, we’ll see how well this comes along… It’s basically refugees from LGF.

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