I know I said I wanted brewing crap for my birthday/christmas present, but then I got high bought a bow. My downfall? French Creek Outfitters has this awesome videogame system where you unscrew your arrowhead and screw on this reflective marker and shoot at videos of deer. It sounds terribly uncomplicated in text, but the actual video of the deer coupled with the fact it does “after the shot” analysis on the spot where you hit the vitals – this is well worth it.

ebay is your friend for this crap. Unlike gunbroker where the laws of limited competition apply for both the sellers and consumers, ebay appeals to everyone. Bows are still “ebay ok” weapons. As are knives, blackjacks, clubs, sword umbrellas, regular umbrellas and swords.

Ebay is also subject to the Ford Pinto effect. If one blows up, surely they all do! Prices go down, but people in the know already took care of the problem or realized it was a straw-man. As such, old bows have a “reputation” of blowing up, which means you can get them on the cheap. (The reality is that almost all bows have a lifetime warranty on the limbs, so “blowing up” isn’t something to worry about).

when I saw this bow I jumped on it. Lifetime warranty on the limbs, and while not the current model, it’s a steal for the $60 I paid for it.

Now, Internet archers, here’s your chance to put in two bits:

1. I need a decent sight. I think the 5 pins in a column is just fucking stupid and you should learn to hold over/under, so I need to know what my sight options are and maybe have two or three pins.

2. Any opinions on the arrow rest? Everyone says whisker biscut. Is there ANYTHING else out there?

Suggestions welcome.

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