My Lawn Tractor is AWESOME

First, it has a top speed of 15mph. That alone makes it awesome because I could drive it to the store if I could explain to the police WTF I was doing.

Second, there are no police where I live but state police, and they don’t get off the highway.

Third, the cargo sled attachment works really well and doesn’t get me weird looks at the farmers market. It does get me weird looks at ACME.

If you buy one of these – and I highly suggest you do since a 42 inch wide cutting deck makes really quick work of the yard – BUY AN EXTRA SET OF BELTS. The ones that come with it from SEARS are crap, and the sales reps dug out the wrong part number three times before figuring it out.

Also buy a cup holder. I have flashbacks to the MR2 every time I try to drink a beer while riding it.

Anyway, in terms of construction – everything is well built where it needs to be well built. The body work is only so-so but it’s steel where it counts. Sometimes it’s overbuilt – the pins and posts under there range from oversized to oh-god-why-did-they-bother size. The belt routing for the accessories is a bit hairy depending on what you put on there. For instance the cutting deck actually requires you pull two of the pins (throttle and elevation) to route the belt around them, but otherwise it’s an OK design. I generally wish the spring for the idle pully were harder but I won’t knock it.

The aerator attachment is hilarious. Any speed over 3rd gear throws plugs of dirt (which looks a lot like dog shit) about 10 feet into the air.

The Roads to Here

Good god if you’re coming to visit keep your wits about you. Quick rules for driving around here:

  • Everyone is stupidly aggressive. I just about ran down a motorcyclist today because he pulled out of a gas station while looking at me. Protip: Just because we make eye contact doesn’t mean I’m letting you out. I’m especially not letting you out if I saw you drive into the gas station from the other side to avoid the traffic I’m sitting in.
  • Keep your windows up while driving by the park. The mosquitoes here will kill you. And the deer take “window down” to mean “food here!”
  • The speed limit on 422 is there for a reason. Don’t be the guy who nails a deer.

Also Paradise Pizza is really good – but also really expensive. An “XL” pizza with everything on it + coke is $18.99.