Housework and Headaches

It hasn’t exactly been a banner week over here. I realize I haven’t posted in a week. That’s because despite opening the windows and running box fans I still got gassed by the KILS2 primer we’re using in double coats for the rooms. This gives me a migraine headache but more importantly I managed to cop gods own sinus and ear infection off it.

The worst part is that this manifests itself in sore sinuses and a headache but otherwise I feel good if I remember to get plenty of sleep. It seems to be going away though, I should have it kicked by the weekend.

The colors my wife chose (“peanut butter”, “watersprout”) look good. The other one we’ve affectionately dubbed “easter chicken” is yellow beyond yellow and we’re not going to use it. Hell I’m colorblind and even I understand this is yellow like you’ve never seen yellow before.

That being said, I was a desk zombie monday and tuesday at work and I finally broke down and decided I needed a proper breathing mask. The 3M ones I had “for painting” which were the Chinese ones “for SARs” wasn’t working out for me. It cut down on the fumes but clearly not enough if I was getting sick, again. On ebay, I managed to score a brand new S.E.A. Gas Mask which is good for just about everything including acids, bases, organic solvents and other nasties. Basically it will protect you against paint thinner and nerve gas all in the same breath! Now I’ll have to get my wife one since I’ll feel terrible if Al Queda goes after the Philly Suburbs with poison gas and we’ve only got one mask.

My brother says the firehouse has the same style of mask but it’s not quite the same thing. If anyone is wondering, yes, my mask can be a SCUBA mask (if I buy the right accessories, of course), but a fireman’s setup isn’t a very good SCUBA mask. Apparently a SCUBA mask wants to work at slightly less than 1 bar of pressure, while a gas mask with an active feed works at slightly more than 1 bar of pressure. He says when they jumped in his buddies pool, the found the fire gear worked to about 5 feet of water at which point the escaping air out the top and the water gushing in the bottom made for very interesting problems.

As soon as the mask gets here I’m going to get up on the roof and do the chimney. Of course the tube of masonry says “use outdoors, or in a well ventilated room. Do not inhale”. Great, just like everything else.

The camry gave me crap today also, just because cars can smell weakness and always choose to pick on you when you have an ear infection. The car dead cylindered on me again (backfires, lol!) and ran like crap. I decided to stick my head under the hood before limping over to pep boys and discovered that the cap and rotor I put on last weekend I didn’t spend enough time with. One wire had managed to work itself off the cap. This wire had previously given me problems because the shroud was on top of it weird but I figured it would fix itself once it got warm, being plastic and all. Well, it fixed itself, right off the rotor. Easy fix, but still a PITA driving down 422 with a cloud of gasoline following you.

2 thoughts on “Housework and Headaches

  1. Hey – I think I saw your Camry in a cloud of smoke on 422 the other day! Ha.

    Glad you found a mask that you like. Some people are more sensitive to the smells and fumes than others. If you ever have a home improvement question and you want to drop The Handyguys a note feel free to do so.

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