The Roads to Here

Good god if you’re coming to visit keep your wits about you. Quick rules for driving around here:

  • Everyone is stupidly aggressive. I just about ran down a motorcyclist today because he pulled out of a gas station while looking at me. Protip: Just because we make eye contact doesn’t mean I’m letting you out. I’m especially not letting you out if I saw you drive into the gas station from the other side to avoid the traffic I’m sitting in.
  • Keep your windows up while driving by the park. The mosquitoes here will kill you. And the deer take “window down” to mean “food here!”
  • The speed limit on 422 is there for a reason. Don’t be the guy who nails a deer.

Also Paradise Pizza is really good – but also really expensive. An “XL” pizza with everything on it + coke is $18.99.