Coraline Soundtrack

I’ve been listening to the Coraline soundtrack. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s well worth it. Skip the 3D one, it ends up getting in the way of the plot.

The soundtrack, however, compliments the plot beautifully. Like “the other puppet movie” (The Nightmare Before Christmas), the music is well integrated. How does it stand on it’s own? Actually quite well. For one, most of the lyrics are anamanapia (which is Latin for “sounds nice, man”). The second thing which grabs you is the range and depth of the tone. The keys are well chosen, as are the instruments for texture and color. Clean instruments make up the “happy” or “whimsical” parts, while the instruments tend towards rough percussion for the less happy songs. They’re all well played, and played by hand. Expect to hear the fingers on the harp. There’s watercups thrown in there too.

The third bit of niceness is that while parts are often quoted between songs, the songs change key and use a broad, broad range. Expect to hear an obo playing at the top end of it’s range, and flutes playing at the bottom. Since woodwinds have a tendency for intubulation distortion, literally the shape of each instrument works against the instrument at the edges of it’s range, these are extremely well chosen.

Oh, the songs are nice too.

I am the Hammer; I am the Nail

You are to encourage industry and reward merit; to supply the wants and relieve the necessities of brethren to the uttermost of your power.

The Camry continues to act up, but only once in a blue moon will I go to start it and it will stall again. After doing wires and plugs, it’s the cock and balls cap and rotor and probably the igniter since the Toyotas love that crap.

For anyone wondering WTF I’ve been up to – sitting on my ass is about it. Seriously, buying a house means no beer (liquor is easier to store), no exotic coffee, no brewing, and precious little time for anything else. Plus the general problem of time, space, money, and being the combat controller for absolutely everything related to purchasing the house since the seller isn’t interested in helping. If and when he makes settlement, there will be time for more of the good stuff. Until then – POOLS CLOSED DUE TO AIDS.

OK not quite – I’ve taken quite an interest in scotch but more importantly black strap rum. Goslings provides a lot of bang for the buck (including having a trippy as hell website) and it makes fantastic rum and cokes. Add a splash of midori or other crap liquor and it’s a fruity rum and coke.

Sanity break over, back to the Linux mines.