New Orleans: Pirate Capitol

I was told a story from someone who was there that after Hurricane Katrina, your three best friends were a bottle of bleach, a hammer and your rifle. The bleach cleaned up the water, the hammer would rebuild the buildings, and the rifle was because stray animals and looters were a dime a dozen. Of course the suburban areas and the touristy places were kept secure as usual, but these weren’t the places which generally had problems. My buddy happened to get there just after the national guard left. In typical Iraq and Somalia fashion, the army leaves and all hell breaks loose because the police are either absent or unprepared for taking it over. He happened to be just outside of the French Quarter (in a “recovery area” that didn’t see tourists). When he came back, he had build five homes, a school and a church, which was all they could do without calling in the hazmat guys to clean up the next area.

During the build, he described days as friendly but lonely. However, nights he said were the wild west. People who had either avoided the round up or weren’t interested in being productive members of society would come by and steal supplies. He says they shot at 10 people, they’re not sure how many they connected with.

So what, exactly, brought the rant on?

Louisiana is billing itself as under a “cyber katrina” and wants a $0.15 surcharge for internet access to create “safe harbors”. Why is this stupid? The internet is like New Orleans during the recovery. You are responsible for keeping yourself and your family safe. And like post Katrina Louisiana, there’s no cops. And like post Katrina Louisiana politics, there’s really nothing the state government can do. Once again, you’re paying taxes for a false sense of security.

Do yourself a favor. For ever hour you’re on the internet, put $0.15 in a jar. When you have $600 saved up, buy an AR15.

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