Perdomo Lot 23

Good god what the hell.

For all the positive reviews this cigar got, it was only passable in my opinion. This reflects one of the few honest reviews I think someone gave them.

Appearance: Nice wrapper, but what is this a picture of on the band? Pompeii? There’s a house with a mountain in the background but it’s really not terribly attractive. It feels pretty low-fi.

Light: OH GOD THIS IS STRONG TASTING WHAT THE HELL. I’m told there’s a lot of variation in the cigar, but I almost got “chemical” out of it smelling it. There’s no real discernible flavor here.

First Third: Again, no real flavor, just a strong, cedar taste out of it. I felt it was overwhelming, I almost wished it had less woody flavors and the whole thing was subdued. I tried letting it rest but it didn’t improve much.

Second Third: Seems like I get the walnuts people talk about but it’s like astringent walnuts. While the flavor is there, the taste and heat is strong enough it’s not pleasant. I let the cigar rest here and it took some vanilla notes but the whole thing is framed in that strong cedar backdrop which is hard to get over. I feel like if I let it air out, it might be better.

Final Third: It gets really good right before it gets too hot to smoke. Vanilla and cream for maybe three puffs worth.

Verdict: 5/10, this is overpriced at $5/stick MSRP for the quality. Or, if you do like them, store them for a year or two, then hit it up. There’s a lot of potential here once things calm down a bit, but don’t expect it to roll out of the box. Also a quick warning: Since the allure of these cigars is in their construction (all one farm, all one lot of plants, all within the same 10 square feet of one another), they are going to vary quite a bit.

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