The Aston Martin Tesla and Failing at TURBBBBBOOO

Tesla’s new pictures are leaked onto the internet and there’s a bit of a flap about if they’re supposed to be out there or not. I’m in the camp that any publicity they get is good publicity. If they weren’t shooting for the ultra-luxury market, I would probably own one.

The car (designated Tesla Model S) looks good, but like everything else they build it feels like something else. This time it’s not quite as much of a copy-paste job as the Tesla Roadster (which is easily mistaken for a Lotus or MR2), but I can’t shake the idea that it’s a four door Aston Martin.

And now for some delicious fail.




In light of comments here and comments made on other sites, I feel like I should post why I think it’s an Aston Martin.

Tesla S

Tesla S

Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

The Rapide is a concept car, but it’s in production enough that it’s been seen in Germany. The things to pay attention to are the shape of the doors and the overall proportion of the car. The comments section has some further links for the car buffs.

2 thoughts on “The Aston Martin Tesla and Failing at TURBBBBBOOO

  1. I get what you’re saying, but there was a reason the Roadster looked like a Lotus and that’s because it was based on one and designed by Lotus (MR2, meh).

    The Sedan may look like like an Aston to some, a Jaguar to some and I’ve heard a bunch of others. Yes it has the modern rounded feel and the higher back and the long chrome bar across the back (like chevy has on the front of all their cars).

    I personally think this design is much different than an Aston, etc. Yes I see general similarities with a whole lot of cars, but not like what you see in the Roadster/Lotus relationship. The design elements you are seeing are more in tune with what people want. Compare it to the design of most American cars nowadays and tell me what looks best to you. Volt?

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