White Castle Doctrine

White Castle Doctrine, lol!

Every time I see this I roll my eyes. On one hand, I empathies with the idea that crimes shouldn’t go unopposed like this. I also understand that if someone is willing to use deadly force for a happy meal and the $500 that was in the register, or whatever, then a life is worth about a whopper value meal and $500 to them. In other words, life is cheap enough that someone may very well get shot.

On the other hand, you’re having a shoot-out over a burger king. You’re risking your life for a fast-food joint.

1 thought on “White Castle Doctrine

  1. Thankfully, I have never experienced a “shoot-out” in a Burger King. I think that lives are at risk the moment a robber enters a store with a weapon. Standing back and doing nothing is risking your life too because robbers have been known to kill innocents for no reason. Also, a robber doesn’t rob a store and then become a model citizen. The armed citizen might have saved numerous lives by stopping the robber when he did. The pity is that the good citizen has injured.

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