Operation Repo

Operation Repo continues to surprise me.

It started when the Caucasian Hitler Enthusiast Matt decided to yell something like “I LOVE STEALING BACK FROM BLACKS” in the first episode of the second, or third year. Hard to tell since the show was on well before that moment without much in terms of ratings. I’m absolutely sure it was intentionally done to increase ratings, not only does Matt work for Hispanics but the editors could have easily pulled it out.

Then Matt decided to roll a BMW. Since the repo guys are responsible for the property once they take possession of it, I’m sure it was a wonderful insurance claim. Matt spent the entire episode talking about pooping.

Matt got fired.

Last nights episode, Matt mysteriously shows up at a repo done in – of all things – the paintball yard he apparently takes his kids to. What are the odds, seriously? And if he knew there would be a repo going down there, why bring his kids? Did he just decide to hang out there all day? Someone gets shot in the bum with paintballs, the FNG locks himself in the truck, the cops come and apparently make a bunch of arrests. and since it’s california, they have tasers and not guns. Then Matt drives off on a motorcycle.

Then it gets wild. Apparently they go to repo a caddy SUV and it’s at a basketball court. The audience is told that they are helped by “on-star”, which is one more reason to not have your car talking to the world. Then when they go in for the repo, the guys playing basketball come over. Yelling ensues. This ends with them running off and… running back with guns. From nowhere. Presumably the guns were in their gym bags, or something, but it’s all real high end hardware (Sigs, HKs). Matt pukes.

Around this time they say that Matt’s been shot before, and they were all in the Marines, and that’s why Matt pukes around guns. This is about where you remember the show is a reenactment of repos, not the real thing.

Is it entertaining? Yes. But whoever is writing this crap needs to come up with another scapegoat that isn’t Matt.

9 thoughts on “Operation Repo

  1. Yeah. I agree. Any idiot can plainly see that this show is a fake. The acting is terrible. Have you ever seen somebody do something embarrassing to them-selves and then you feel embarrassed for them? lol Thats how I feel everytime I watch this show. If they’re lying about being service members that makes me mad, because I actually served myself. If they’re trying to make fool’s out of us by trying to make us think this crap is real, at least get some better acting. As for this hillbilly inbred Matt…for you to say something like “I love stealing back from blacks” makes you look like a racist moron. Thanks for making our race look bad. Please do us all a favor and go jump off a cliff. =)

  2. The funny thing is it seemed like several of the earlier episodes were real. There is no way they could maintain that amount of eventful repo’s so they started faking it. At least that’s what I think.

  3. Yeah, I used to think this show was real but after a couple of seasons it got out of control. They’re ALWAYS going to repo something weird like an ice cream truck, hot dog stand, taco stand, handicapped van (where the guy is faking it), or going to a porn shoot. There is absolutely no way this is real, half of them would be in jail right now.
    What’s up with that big fat chic who looks like a hog? She wears the same outfit every time and looks like a fat slob! And those piercings… gross.

    What’s up with that big fat chic who looks like a hog? She wears the same outfit every time and looks like a fat slob! And those piercings… gross.

  4. Hey Craig…why are you being sooo nice to the hog…come on man, she is more like Jabba Da Hut from Star Wars. She walks like a beast from the east. I am waiting for them to “repo” a McDonald’s for her so she can repo a super-size Happy Meal. She’ll get upset and try to repo the drive-thru and a large fries. How can a man with any self respect wake up next to that thing in the morning. Talk about jumping on a granade…she exploded like a freak!

  5. A completely faked freak show. Frame-by-frame of the “action” shots reveals poorly coreographed “hits” that would make the WWF blush. These losers are coming out with a movie.

    The anticipation is killing me.

  6. Yeah this show looks fake. You can’t have overweight people doing repo’s. If you look at Matt even he has some fattiness. It doesn’t seem logical that Sonia or the other girl or Luis can get away with the repo. All those times when the guys pull out guns they don’t shoot. Repo companies need to have stronger and more assertive employees, not “jabba the hut’s or bratty daughters.

  7. The episode where they roll the BMW would have them out of business. They admitted that the camera guy rides in a towed car regularly and they had an accident that they did not report. There is no way they could keep insurance either.

  8. Matt is an absolute idiot. These clowns would all be in jail if they acted like that for real…so its got to be a total fake. I work for a finance company and if our repo guys acted like these idiots they’d be gone in a flash. Then again these half-wits are making money from our watching the show…lol…go figure eh!!!

  9. I love operation repo-my favorites are Matt and Sonya. They are both bad-asses and I love them for it. They need a raise, they make this show.

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