La Aroma De Cuba

Some cigars, I don’t understand the appeal. The most recent foray into this was La Aroma De Cuba.

Apparently it won cigar aficionado’s #5 spot for best cigar. Now, if you read and trust cigar aficionado this might be good. If you’re like me and you frankly want to find what you like, not terribly interesting. Now, I may need to revisit this one, I was also taking a briar for a test run and my taste buds may have been off after that. Also I was drinking a Stormy Night with it, so we’ve got a ton of flavors going on here. However, I tried to taste this first.

Look – Looked good, no major flaws on the wrapper. The label came off properly.

Smell – It actually smelled lighter than I expected, but it still had a good aroma.

Sadly I didn’t take the time to smell both ends of it, or lick it, but the cap end had a very neutral smell and taste. Normally when they cut the cigar, it tastes like crap. I usually work up quite a bit of spit so when I lick it I can spit the cuttings immediately. But this didn’t taste offensive.

First Thirds – The first thing I noticed was the burn was fantastic. For the first third the ash was tight and even. As far as flavors go, I got caramel notes almost immediately, which is pretty interesting since frankly most cigars taste like crap when you first light them.

Second Thirds – This is one of those cigars where you’re not sure if you should ash it or not. However, the problem was solved when I started having a hard time on the pull. I ended up ashing it, which improved things, then I ended up lancing it since it jammed up again. Disappointing, but whatever. In between all this I ended up teasing out “cake batter” (freshly baked cake) from the cigar. The problem was that I was working hard for it. While it’s an interesting flavor, the Rocky Patel “coca” is a much better execution and much easier to get a flavor out of.

Last Thirds – The other guy I was smoking with wouldn’t smoke his last thirds, I went for it and got leather out of mine for a bit, maybe cinnamon. The cigar finishes out nice and evenly and goes sour about where I put my fingers, so I would say it has a nice finish.

I dunno about this one, I have another one in my fridge but unless that one is significantly better, this one is maybe a 7 to me. Certainly I feel like you could do better with the La Aurora or Rocky Patels, but this one is still worth checking out if you’re wondering what cake batter might taste like coming in the smoke.