Left 4 Dead, Half.com, Hancock, Max Payne

I’m trying to keep into the habit of posting once per day while not posting crap. For awhile I didn’t fire up knarrnia.com unless I had something legitimate to post. The model ended up not posting at all (or posting once a week).

Left 4 dead: Insanely fun if you have an XBOX 360. The first time I played it I had no idea what was going on or where to go. Once you get a handle on what’s going on and play with some people who know WTF they’re doing it’s a lot more fun. Unfortunately I am the only person who doesn’t own it because…

Half.com: I bought it on half.com and ended up getting screwed. I think the guy came down with seller’s remorse because he never shipped it. I opened up a claim. But it’s been over a month, which is the part that pisses me off. Half.com has sat on my money for over a month. I think it’s sellers remorse, but it may also have been a scam because the guy never entered a tracking number. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on for my claim, but the question is will I get my money back? Or more to the point – will I ever buy from half.com again?

Hancock: Don’t waste two hours of your life.

Max Payne: If you played the game the movie is merely muddled for the first hour, then it gets awesome. Kelly has never played the game and wasn’t familiar with the mechanics, so she said it was boring through and through. Also they changed it – Max’s wife did not sleep with her boss in the game and it was an important plot point that innocent people were getting caught up in the drug problem which plagued New York. On the other hand, the movie failed it quite badly in the visual effects department. It’s really bad when the videogame, released in 2003-ish, has significantly better graphics than a movie released six years later. In fact, the ending frames this well – the ending of the first game takes place on the Aseir building rooftops where the helicopter makes it to the pickup, and Max has to shoot the guide wires off an antenna to drop it on the chopper. This would have been an awesome way to end the movie and… Max just drops the guy with a single bullet to the chest. WTF?

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