Jill Porter of Philly.com is an Idiot


I figured I would just take a moment to point out some factual problems in this, not that I expect any type of retraction. Given that the opinion of the local philly gun shop owners is that the paper is irresponsible, it’s no surprise to me that Mrs Porter had to call french creek, firmly in the suburbs. Rather than having the editors take the obvious clue that perhaps there’s some ethical problems with “gonzo reporting”, I see the article gets published anyway with a minimum of fact checking.


Just say nigger. It’s pretty obvious to me you’re some kind of racist. You don’t honestly believe it because you wrote an article about guns, because blacks obviously can’t help themselves being savages and all so you have to blame something else.

> It’s an unrelenting plague, and its agent of death is – guns.

So you choose to write an article about gun violence. Not drugs, not car accidents, but gun violence. Great. You’re an idiot.
The state police crime statistics database shows:
2008: Philadelphia had 35 murders. (Which may or may not have involved a firearm, but we’ll assume 100% of them do).
2008: Philadelphia had 2,244 drug offenses.

In short, as a philadelphia resident, no-one I know gives a shit about gun violence versus the city wide drug problem. Hell in 2008 alone, the city had 1,456 “driving under the influence” arrests, which means that cars potentially killed 41 times as many people as guns did.

> Sure, I know: many are legal guns, bought by responsible gun owners who don’t kill people, blah blah blah.

That’s incredibly unprofessional. I’m sure many people such as myself now no longer read your paper.

> But my math is simple: The more guns in circulation, the more that find their way to the dregs of society who casually assassinate cops.

Your math is flawed, and your thinking is absolutely terrible. The dregs of society are exactly the dregs of society because they’ve earned the status through previous offenses which may or may not have been committed with firearms. The more women born, the more stupid articles about guns we’re going to get, right? Do you understand why you look like an idiot? “The more women born, the more we can expect prostitution.”  It’s not so much fun when you’re in the group being generalized.

> And there are more guns in circulation than ever.

Which is why in 2008 the murder rate was down 25%.

> And many of the guns sold at gun shows don’t require background checks.

Patently false. The only time a gun may be sold in PA without a background check is from private individual to private individual and then only if it’s a longarm. Pistols don’t count. It’s illegal to have a person-to-person transfer if you know the individual has a criminal record.

> A friend of mine reports that several associates of his – affluent and successful men – have bought guns for the first time in their lives to protect themselves from predators potentially unleashed by the disintegrating economy.

A friend of mine says Jill Porter is really a monkey with a typerwriter. Does Philly.com even care what they print at this point? Are you serious that a friend-of-a-friend story made it to print?

Lord. Unsubscribe me.

The worst part about it is that Mrs Porter obviously and already knows that scofflaws can get guns and knows she’s wrong:  http://www.philly.com/dailynews/columnists/jill_porter/20090211_Jill_Porter__Guns__drugs___justice______and_a_writer_s_apology.html


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