Under Pressure Part Deux: Pressure Cooked REVENGE

I finally figured out what was wrong with the pressure cooker. The instructions explicitly tell you when to turn the thing on. I figured out what it’s really doing is taring the weight of the lid and the bowl, so it knows how much moisture is left in the food and when it gets up to pressure and boiling. It’s actually a really neat design, but the instructions for it are crap. If you follow them, the clock never starts because you’re directed to load it with food and then turn it on. Completely on a whim the other night, I plugged it in before even taking the lid off and was amazed when it actually did the right thing.

ME: 1

I’m starting to really love it, but my wife doesn’t quite see the potential in it. She’s more of a “follow the instructions” type person, I’m more of a “whatever works” type person. Thankfully there was no mention of pork shoulder in her recipe books, so I had carte blanche to fuck around. I managed to score this entire pork shoulder for $8 at the market. It’s 9lbs of hip and meat (no asshole, sorry guys). I ended up trimming it to get the lid on the thing. The wife wanted to then throw sauce in there, but getting enough BBQ sauce for 9lbs of pork roast would have been quite a bucket. Instead, I just put in the minimal level of water and slammed the lid on.

10 minutes later it was up to pressure and I was amazed it went BEEP and the timer started.

For cooking something this large I probably could have skipped the water but I didn’t want it to burn. I planned on cooking it for an hour and seeing if it was done yet. The Pork Guide had suggested 30 minutes per pound for this cut in an oven at 350F, but I’m a busy guy. That’s four and a half hours of cooking time in an oven.

After the hour was up I wasn’t quite 100% happy with how it was done, so I fired it up for another 15 minutes. It came out perfect after that. The plan was to now transfer this to a pan, put on the sauce and throw it in the broiler for 10 minutes to get a nice glaze on it. The wife, however, saw how the meat was starting to pull from the bone and had other ideas. She grabbed the crock pot, dumped the entire portion of BBQ sauce in there, and started shredding the pork. After 1h15m in the cooker it wasn’t quite forkable across all the portions, so I ended up stepping in and cleaning it myself with an actual carving knife while she shredded. We cooked it for another 10 minutes in the crock pot and now I have approximately 7lbs of shredded pork in BBQ sauce to eat.

God, that’s a lot of sammiches.

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