BBC Fact-checking?

What the hell BBC?

There was a BBC Special on the Science of Optics.

Wow, there was a golden age of Islamic science? Really? Haven’t we read this article before?


I wrote the following to the BBC “Accuracy review” page:

A little fact checking would go a long way. The quotes here are taken directly from the Wikipedia article called CAMERA OBSCURA. The current revision is the most fact-checked, the previous revision ( has bits and pieces of your article in it. The BBC is republishing “facts” that Wikimedia debunked last year.

The current version isn’t really a shining example of wikimedia, but it’s better than the crap the BBC reposted. I suspect the current revision will be “corrected” after the BBC version.

New Years Review

The stout I made is starting to go funky and a bit musty, probably because I tossed the coconut in without enough boil time to really sanitize it. The coconut never really manifested as a flavor anyhow. The beer had the smell in the first week then completely died. Frankly I’m chugging the stuff playing Gears 2 every weekend just to get rid of it.

The All Grain IPA came out great, it’s easily the best beer I’ve made to date and I’m completely sold on all grain. It’s a brilliant blond color reminiscent of Chimay’s triple. It’s probably the clearest thing I’ve ever made, and what sold me was the “fresh cereal” taste. I’ve made IPAs before, but with extract, but the complexity of beer comes from the grains, and you can’t get that with extract. I almost wish it was less hoppy so I could taste more of the delicious delicious grains.

Also I kinda wish I didn’t lose 5 bottles to trub, but whatever.

I haven’t tried the Chamomile beer experiment from Sacred and Herbal Beers. That one gets one more week in the bottle since I’m afraid of how much sugar it called for. It probably tastes like tea.

Flintlock season is almost over, dad was the only one who got a shot. Because his buddy talked him into not taking the fouling shot, he missed the deer. I saw everything but deer. Red squirrel, black squirrel, gray squirrel, chipmunk, fox, coyote, all types of birds and a bear track but no deer whatsoever. My wife was the only one who got a shot in regular rifle season and it’s because I pretty much pushed her into the deer patch that usually pays off. It did, but she got so excited she merely shot the trees and gave the deer a good scare.