Fermenters Fermenters and Fermenters

I have two fermenters. One is a 6.5 Gallon jug, which has plenty of headspace, and the other is a 1 gallon wine jug which I turned into a fermenter. The wine jug is particularly nice since you only need to divide by 5 on the entire recipe to get exactly what you need. In retrospect, I should have started out at 1 gallon and worked my way up. For reference, 2.5 gallons is roughly a case of beer, so this should be about a sixpack with losses to trub and everything else.

This is actually a wine jug.

This is actually a wine jug.

This is the chamomile beer, it’s 8oz of chamomile, juice of half a lemon, and 1lbs table sugar. It should come out to something stupidly high ABV. Since this recipe is from the middle ages, it called for “wild yeast”. Rather than use wild yeast, or even trying to find some in the middle of winter, I used a packet of bread yeast “specifically for whole grain breads”. Since it fermented like a banshee from the get-go, I believe this was The Right Thing to do.

This is a 6.5 gallon jug

This is a 6.5 gallon jug

This is the 6.5 gallon jug. This was the first all grain batch I did which also had the screens collapse. Turned into a strain-the-grain operation with an old (huge) spaghetti strainer. This led me to the revised tun which Trav helped me build.

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