The Spoils of Wort: The All Grain All Nighter

God favors the fools and drunkards. We were both tonight.

Best guess: OG was 1.060, but the wort was hotter than it should have been (thermometer was barely reading at 90F) and I needed to add about a half gallon make up water.

Wort is cloudy as hell.

All the naysayers who said the screens wouldn’t work were about right. I started the sparge, got a pint out, put the pint back in and… stuck sparge.

Thankfully my wife has a HUGE spaghetti strainer, which I promptly employed. The grain, strangely enough, fit in there almost exactly meaning I may use it for future batches as my false bottom.

It was Palmer’s Victory and Chaos ale. I may have gone wrong when I added a half hour to the front of the boil (before adding hops) to make up for the fact that the grainbed was a mess and so I used more sparge water than I should have. We’ll see how much of this crap is fermentable and how much is suspended dross, but as I understand it the stuff not soluble in water doesn’t count. Either I made a home run or I’m going to be seriously disappointed.

Ask questions. Sunday – another home depot run to fix all this crap.

Using two pots worked really well, I boiled the one down and by the last 15 minutes, both had lost enough wort to be able to consolidate it. Won’t win any points on color or clarity but for a first AG batch, I won’t say it’s bad.