Whats the GEARS OF WAR 2 TV Spot Song?

Devotchka – How It Ends.


No really, I would love to have said the band is great – and there’s moments where it almost is and has this philip glass quality to it. Those moments are few and far between and mostly it just stays as a folk band for folk music I’m not interested in. They also helped out with the Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited album, which is why the GEARS commercial sounds so familiar. That album is actually this album, which I have a download of since it wasn’t available state-side for the longest time. Some of the tracks are sincerely awesome, but the Devotchka track isn’t it. What is awesome are the tracks from unknown (to us USians) artists who really did a good job redoing the songs. What sucks is that bands like the All American Rejects put no effort into redoing the song whatsoever so you’ll waste five minutes of your life every few tracks putting up with craptastic emo one shot American band trash. Protip to the All American Rejects – If you’re producing a cover track, don’t just sing along with your vocals to the original. That’s karaoke night, not cover night. On the other hand, The Polyphonic Spree did a cover of “Town Square” and it sounds like Pink Floyd did the music. It’s absolutely fantastic.

2 thoughts on “Whats the GEARS OF WAR 2 TV Spot Song?

    • The band is named “Devotchka” and the song title is “How It Ends”. The only other tracks I like out of their discography are “Venus in Furs” and… that’s it.

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