PA liKKer Kontrol Board

Yes, the PLCB puts the KKK in liquor control. I’ve been entertaining the idea of opening either a brew your own place or a beer-garden. I feel like with the exception of Keystone Homebrew, the vast majority of homebrew shops are understocked. If the answer is “we can order it for you”, you might as well buy it on the internet. Homebrew shops do OK in PA because the state has a monopoly on our beer and wine supplies. Beer has slowly been loosening up, but I’ve come to the horrible realization that it’s still just as tightly controlled as liquor and wine. The problem is that for beer you have to apply for “brand registration”. If you’re a distributor, that means you can’t just buy 30 cases of some new brew, there’s a ton of paperwork behind it. There’s even an entire blog devoted to why the process is draconian and sucks. It’s well worth a read, I didn’t realize we had it so bad.


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