Bizarre Hunting Stuff

There’s a class of hunter, and it’s probably present everywhere, that is so obsessed with shooting that trophy whatever that he or she will do anything to get to it. Sometimes this is good – they strive to be masters of their art and go on hunting trips at ranches and crap like that. Sometimes this is not so good and their efforts to improve their land boarder on witchcraft. Case in point, I knew someone years ago who didn’t have salt licks, but they were pouring baby formula into these troughs he set out for the deer.

This wasn’t baiting since bait is legally defined as “salt” or “feed” (don’t quote me on this, the laws have changed). The distinction is important because you’re allowed to use scents and calls to lure deer in. I don’t think anyone envisioned baby formula as something anyone would give a deer.

But, it turns out that not only is this idea popular, but they’ve taken it one step further.

Introducing: THE TROPHY ROCK.

Plant one of these and apparently those really big bucks, which eat rocks, will camp out your property.

In other game news, Searching for Bigfoot claims to have found just that. More from cryptomundo and more from Scientific American and even Yahoo gets in on it. The Grain Of Salt warning here is that no-one has ever done DNA testing on a body, and all the bodies seem to vanish before any critical examination can occur. Don’t be surprised if this one grows legs and walks away or is “lost”.

Thawed Creature

Thawed Creature


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