Ommegang Abbey Ale

Dear Beergod,
Please don’t give me any other abominations like this. There had to be something wrong with this bottle considering the other reviews here. Still, I am so shamed at having finished it that I must write down my folly here to serve as a warning to others.

Appearance – No complaints. Good head. Good retention. Good lace. Looks nice and dark, almost a chocolate red.

Smell – Jesus, Mary and Joseph. It smells dark, malty, and there’s a ton of cherry in there. What else is in there? Dogfood. I didn’t put my finger on it until my buddy (also tasting with me from the same bottle) said, “Is that dogfood?” So we cleaned our glasses, had some water, smelled some coffee, and poured it again. It’s dogfood. We did it again. Again, dogfood. This beer was brewed with Failure.

Taste – This is a belgian? This is dark malt and cherries. Exactly. It I almost suspect counterfeit like some kind of Belgian Bond, Double-Oh Lager. It’s got none of the nose and none of the taste for the style, and it tastes spot on for cherry syrup and munton’s dark malt extract.

Mouthfeel – Really good actually. A bit syrupy though, but the bubbles offset this.

Drinkability – Not going to have a second glass, but I did finish the first by not breathing. I’ve had worse.


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