Liveblogging Saison Dupont

Wow. Really wow.

Saison Dupont puts itself firmly in the funky category. The nose is like cut grass, and definitely has that funk. Good amount of aroma hops, clean snappy finish. Lingering bitterness and a bit of the musty funk I’ve come to know at Brett. Lots of lemons here, but like lemon-grass and not the fruit itself. My initial impression uncorking the bottle was exactly like a freshly cut lawn in the rain, but in a good way. Wet and dark despite the color. Pulling air through the sip definitely shows off the funk though, the mustiness but not in the “this is skunked” fashion. A quick pull has a sweetness on the front of the tongue. There is a hay note somewhere in the middle as people have noted, it’s a dry straw smell and not unpleasant. Leaning way back from it I believe those are hallertau hops. On the tongue, it’s velvet velvet velvet. The head is thin and clings to the sides of the glass but my god, the velvet on the pallet is surely the result of those bubbles. Taking in the nose one more while holding some on the tongue shows a subtle, date flavor.

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