Apple 1 Ressurection

A slashdot article caught my eye. If anyone remembers the old cassettes with data on them, apparently no-one ever had a decent copy of Apple 1 BASIC. This guy did, and got the first decent copy for posterity.

Typical slashdot warning: There’s a lot of poo-pahing about reinventing the wheel and “he should have done it this way” and “we already knew how to do it”. Apparently the Sinclair crowd has been reading tapes into memory and dumping them out the serial port for ages. However, there’s always another way to skin a cat, and I think this guys method has some serious perks including using audacity to clean up the audio. The sinclair guys happen to be lucky enough to have very clean tapes. The whole reason the Apple 1 BASIC hadn’t been dumped before was because all the tapes anyone had laying around had succumbed to age.