Hillary and Obama

My take on the whole nomination thing is that if Hillary and Obama can put together a joint-ticket, they would be in the whitehouse tomorrow. The problem is twofold – Obama won’t accept backseats to Hillary (and looks like he wants another minority running mate) and Hillary doesn’t want backseats to Obama. Then the DNC stepped in with some stupid technicality that says they’re not allowed to consolidate. Then the DNC said they were allowed to run a joint ticket. Then the DNC decided that Michigan and Florida only had half a vote (just to make sure Hillary didn’t get that far ahead). And where’s Cindy in all this? She’s the Democrat’s Ron Paul. But, she might just be Obama’s stalking horse for the War in Iraq. The Democrats in Senate and Congress were all elected to “end the war” (whatever that means, apparently Bill Clinton didn’t read Blackhawk Down which is required reading for modern interventionist foreign policy) and this is why their approval rating is in the pooper.

So why won’t Hillary concede? Well, for one, it’s currently vogue to sue for votes (see: Florida, which has always traditionally been GOP, and Kerry blaming “hanging chads” for his loss instead of the obvious trend), so she could probably make enough of a stink to make a mess of the process. Number two is that if she has enough delegates to keep Obama guessing, she stands a much better chance of getting that VP pick.

But here’s the real problem: Everyone that’s voting for Hillary has already made up their mind that Obama isn’t the guy for them. If Hillary doesn’t get the VP nomination, their mind is already made up and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that McCain wins from all the votes that would have gone to Hillary.