The Spoils of Wort: Kitchen Sink Adventure

Occasionally you’re looking at your box of brewing stuff and wondering what you could possibly make with all the odds and ends on the sly. My target for this adventure was to see how far $20 would get me for brewing. I also had a few leftovers, namely two open bags of Munton’s extra light dry malt extract and a half ounce or so of curacao bitter orange peel.

Off to the local brewing supply shop!


  • Two 3.3lbs cans of Cooper’s Amber. The stuff is malty and good and pretty hard to go wrong. It’s not tons of sweet either. You could just add water and ferment it and it would make a good ale.
  • Approximately 1lbs Munton’s extra light DME. For whatever stupid reason I had two open bags of this laying around and I “found” the other one in the bottom of one of the bottling buckets. The other one I have no idea why I never used it.
  • About a half ounce of bitter orange peel.
  • Two ounces of sapphire organic hops. These are American made hallertauer, they have the same AAU and flavor while being about half the price even certified organic.
  • one smackpack of Wyeast 1007 German Ale. Tastes like a lager, brews like an ale. I hate chasing the little packet around, I usually push it into the corner and wail the thing with a hammer.

For these all extract beers, it’s sufficient to simply make “hop tea” and mix it into the malt. Start some water boiling in a saucepan, toss in half the hops at 60 minutes, then boil as usual. I tossed in the other half along with the orange peel at flameout (the end of the 60 minutes). I used the time in between to mix the malt extract and cans of coopers into warm water (the cans are really bad about leaving significant amounts of malt on the sides, I prefer to wash them out with wort) and mixing in the dry stuff. Then I topped the whole thing off knowing I had 1 gallon on the stove with two gallons of spring water from the fridge. Cool the stove pan off as usual (ice bath), toss it into the bucket (literally), and measure the temp. Sure enough it’s cool enough to pitch the yeast, so I put the whole shebang into a glass fermenter and topped it off with a bit more refrigerated spring water.I the hops are worth 6% AAU each, so that’s 12IBU, and the bitter orange peel is worth about 15% AAU (if it had acid – it’s horrifically bitter) so figure another 7 from there. I will shoot on the low side since those are old. I figure it’s about 20 IBU or so and should be malty delicious.