The Spoils of Wort: Orange Summer Sun

Alright, lets talk about beer! This brew comes from Clone Brews, which is a great jumping off point if you like a beer but think it could be better. The beer is based on Saison Dupont.

So what’s wrong with an A- beer? Not enough fruit. More specifically the complaints seem to be that there’s hints of fruit but it’s too bitter to be a proper belgian beer. So we’re going to fix that.

Process and Ingredients
1) Crush and steep in 150F water for 20 minutes: .5lbs German Vienna Malt. More of this is better, but it’s spendy.
2) Pull bag. Add…
6lbs Muntons extra light DME
1lbs Muntons wheat DME
1lbs Belgian Candi Sugar (rock candy)
1.5oz Goldings hops
Boil for 45 minutes
3) now add…
.5oz Goldings hops
.5oz Curacao bitter orange peel (more is better)
boil for 10 mintues
4) The original in the book calls for .25oz more goldings, I’m substituting .25oz bitter orange peel here. Boil for 5 more minutes.

Yeast is Wyeast 1214 (belgian abbey) but I think has been phased out for Wyeast Belgian Trappist since I couldn’t get the other stuff and saw no difference.

Ferment for two weeks and bottle with 1.25 cup of Muntons extra light DME in place of sugar.

Serving suggestion is a goblet @ 45F, most people seem to report that english tap is the correct serving style.

Fishing Marsh Creek

I was fortunate enough to get an invitation from Jim to go fishing on Marsh Creek. Craig came along also, which was good, since Jim could use someone who has fished from a boat before. I would like to think I provided help in the form of comedy relief trying to figure out what exactly needed to be done to maneuver the boat. Stipulations – Marsh Creek is a big bass lake, and it’s electric motor only. Bait was minnows, and they go for $7 for three dozen at Dick’s up that way. Jim produced red, kinked shank fishhooks, which I had never seen before, and they worked like a charm. Put a minnow on the end (the proper way is to pierce the minnows tail past the white organs but before the fin), toss it in with about two feet of slack on the bobber, and let him swim around until something eats him. I managed to land four, nicely sized crappie this way.