Fish on!

Tomorrow: Opening day of trout season.

It’s been slow fishing since you’re not allowed to fish in “approved trout waters” until the opening day of trout. This is sort of silly since all waterways are connected, so the law is enforced as catch-and-release. added a fish activity calculator to their site, but it’s also useful for doing game in general.

The pitfall of the fish and game calculator is that it doesn’t take the weather into account. Deer generally try to feed before storms, so that they can bed down somewhere if need be. Fish seem to be the opposite, any change in weather beds them down until the storm is over and they can eat everything washed into the water. Since we’ve had rain here intermittently, my guess is that the fish are going to be starving this weekend and it’ll be fun.

Now, I had mentioned before I was going to try spiderwire stealth. It works on the new rod, the cherrywood with a shimano reel, but it’s still hard to cast and requires a fair amount of whipping to get things going. However, it does work, but it seems like it really is particular about what reel you put it on. On the large medium tackle rod with the middling quality eagle claw reel, I found my old 1000 yard roll of stren and went back to that. The nice thing about the “traditional” fishing line is that it works on just about anything including the really bad casting reels. I’ve done three rods for people with the stuff and had no complaints beyond the occasional mess from backlash knots or people not realizing that 10lbs test means 10lbs.

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