7 thoughts on “Obama and White America

  1. I agree with everything that Obama’s pastor said. I’m really not kidding either.

    And regarding his 9/11 comments you have to be wearing giant USA blinders to not be able to see how our foreign policy caused 9/11.

  2. IMHO – he wasn’t “throwing her under the bus”. He said that he couldn’t disown her even though she could be somehwat racist. What this says to me is that he’s loyal.

    Anyway, I’m still hoping for a Ron Paul comeback

  3. Jon: Foreign Policy didn’t cause 9/11 unless you subscribe to the idea that it’s always the cops fault and never the hostage takers. If only we had given Hamas the nuclear weapons they wanted they wouldn’t be attacking Israel! Or something equally stupid.

    Krish: I realize you’re not a Christian, so you probably don’t know the theological background – What traditionally happens when a political body runs afoul of it’s church is that they stop going to that church, which I think is reasonable for anyone. Specific historical examples include the Council of Nicene which united people into Roman Catholicism and Martin Luther’s bible which translated the “official” bible from Greek and Latin into low German. When Obama doesn’t leave the church, at best it screams “talk is cheap” and at worst it looks like he doesn’t have the backbone to do it to the god-guns-government crowd. His grandmother – I’m understanding about this since she’s family. His church I’m a lot less tolerant of his choices about. And regarding Ron Paul, I’d go for it. I was sorely disappointed when Fred dropped out of the race since I’m only lukewarm on McCain. He’s on par with Hillery in my book, but I wouldn’t vote for Hillary for the same reasons – apparently she doesn’t have enough backbone to get a divorce from bill, and the Religious Right won’t vote for her since her marriage is a sham in the eyes of the Christian Church.

  4. we funded bin laden and supplied weapons. we created al qaeda. we supported israel for years. we’ve dumped billions in the region and a lot of that money has gone directly to terror. we’ve provided training to militants. hell we gave weapons to fucking iraq. i’m not saying they were justified in attacking us I am saying that it was our foreign policy that directly resulted in 9/11.

  5. Jon: Absolutely none of which has a will of it’s own. As far as creating AQ, that’s a fabrication from the dubious BBC documentary called “The Power of Nightmares”: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Qaeda#Claims_of_an_American_invention

    But, my money doesn’t force me to eat McDonalds, my guns don’t jump up and kill people, my hunting training doesn’t make me shoot up a highschool, these are things that I choose to do.

    Taking responsibility cuts both ways – If you want to say that support of Israel might offend some people, fine. But then understand that they take responsibility for killing women and children each time they fire rockets into Israel.

    The ultimate and horrible result of White Man’s Burden is that it’s no longer murder when some guy shoots up a highschool – it’s “He needed help” or “blame the guns”. It’s a testiment to how far some people have lost their moral compass.

  6. We are all so lucky to live in America. Each American can make a difference. If you don’t love America, leave. Bitching, moaning and complaining gets you no where. I want a President who loves this country. I want a President who will uphold the constitution. The only thing I want from this country is freedom. I am glad to work my butt off for anything else I need.

    “Divided we fail”. I want a President who represents all Americans – not just black ones. I never really understand what a racist was until I watched Rev. Wright.

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