I Hate Traffic

One of the fun parts about living in the Delaware Valley is that the weather never co-operates. This time of year means hot and humid, sometimes going down to freezing at night just to make sure there’s a new layer of abandoned bodywork to dodge on the highway. To add to the fun, I95 is closed for repair, so everyone is using 476 and 76, which are normally jammed anyway. It’s made my 45 minute commute into over an hour just to get in, and yesterday it took fully an hour and a half to get home. The good part is that with an automatic transmission and a top speed of 30mph, there’s plenty of time to blog or post to sites from my phone.

This morning, it wasn’t the highway that pissed me off, it was Horsham’s famous 5 point intersection off of 611. For people who haven’t had the joy of it, the light should have two left hand turning lanes, but it only has one. People who want to get into the development have to fight with the people going to the air station and people going to the office complex. For whatever reason (probably because I was late) the left lane had only had one car in front of me.

I just about rear-ended him when he came to a complete stop on the green arrow. The upside? The camry has a horn, and I employed it liberally this morning along with my centermost finger.

1 thought on “I Hate Traffic

  1. WHAT is with people like that? how do they not understand that green means go? and why do people slow down to a crawl just to turn right? they speed all the way to the light then slow down to nothing to turn.

    people like that give me road RAGE

    ~road RAGING

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