Barack Obama Wants Your Guns

From On The Issues

Q: How would you address gun violence that continues to be the #1 cause of death among African-American men?

A: You know, when the massacre happened at Virginia Tech, I think all of us were grief stricken and shocked by the carnage. But in this year alone, in Chicago, we’ve had 34 Chicago public school students gunned down and killed. And for the most part, there has been silence. We know what to do. We’ve got to enforce the gun laws that are on the books. We’ve got to make sure that unscrupulous gun dealers aren’t loading up vans and dumping guns in our communities, because we know they’re not made in our communities. There aren’t any gun manufacturers here, right here in the middle of Detroit. But what we also have to do is to make sure that we change our politics so that we care just as much about those 30-some children in Chicago who’ve been shot as we do the children in Virginia Tech. That’s a mindset that we have to have in the White House and we don’t have it right now.

If anyone knows where one of these vans just dumping guns is, I would like to know.


7 thoughts on “Barack Obama Wants Your Guns


    also I support any candidate who won’t take away my guns

    *has severe mental health issues and untreated schizophrenia*


  2. He has a point; various illegal arms dealers are supplying the gangbangers – mostly Black and almost all felons – with armaments in the cities. We do need to enforce the laws that are on the books to prevent this.

    Sadly, he’s a Dem and far to the Left, so will probably try to pass laws that disarm the law abiding population and yet do not effectively address the existing illegal arms trades.

    Some days you can’t win.

  3. In this case “illegal arms dealer” would be anyone (re)selling illegally purchased or transported weaponry or anyone selling weaponry without proper background checks. They may or may not have a FFL as that is immaterial to their trade.

    As much as I like the reasonably free trade in firearms, if you’re in “the hood” you have to assume that your clientèle are felons and therefore not allowed to purchase or own firearms.

    Yeah, I know it’s a slippery slope…

  4. There should be a mental health check before you are allowed to purchase a gun. When you go to the gun store and ask to buy a gun, that would automatically make you mentally unfit to own a gun. That would solve the problem of having mentally unfit people buying guns. And if you don’t like guns you could just go to the store and lie and say you want one then you wouldn’t have to worry about ever owning one.

  5. If you’re heel-bent on viewing it that way, knarrnia. Do the math based on Obama’s statements. The people in question are inner city criminals in central Detroit…

    Shootings are the number cause of death among Black men. Over 90% of those shootings are committed by Black men. Most (I don’t have the numbers) of those shootings are in urban centers. That is what I made my comment based on.

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