Used Cars

I finally found a Camry I liked. It’s a 1993 5SFE engine with an automatic transmission in reasonable condition. It’s completely unremarkable (which is good) except that I really love cup-holders, and it gets 25MPG. Trav has said they’ll get 35MPG if you’re really careful with it. I don’t keep that close an eye on it minus how much it costs to fuel and how often I have to do it. In terms of Camry or Jeep, I think I made the right choice since I have the spare engine. When I get a house, I can put the whole thing in the garage and forget about it. Projects for when I have money: Fix the MR2s windshield (which may happen sooner than later depending on when it blows), new shifter and boot, and take the trim off the sides for a smooth look. Projects for the Camry – Buy a head unit that doesn’t suck. The one currently in there just plays tapes (not even the “premium” audio system), has a blown speaker that doesn’t work and the antenna wire is loose so it sometimes works and sometimes not. The point is that if I have a long drive, and I do, I want to be able to listen to my CDs and play my MP3s. There’s older Kenwoods that show up on ebay, and they take the same ISO plug in the back of the Panasonics so I already have an installation kit. The Panasonics don’t seem to show up on ebay as much nor are they as cheap, so I may get the basic Kenwood three line display one. Unlike the MR2, the car should be as low-key as possible.

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