Used Car Horror Stories Part 2

I love craigslist, it’s second only to insurance auctions for cars which are mildly beat up but still running. There’s a really bad signal-to-noise ratio on craigslist, probably worse than ebay. And I find the stuff on craigslist car-wise is stuff that wouldn’t sell on ebay. Case in point: 1998 (actually I think it’s earlier than that, post your observations K5…) Vee-dub Jetta TDI.

For your viewing pleasure, the original ad. Also: Kelly Blue Book Prices. Basically, $3750 would have been fair, except that the guy turned out to be a traveling salesperson so he lived in the car. I offered him $3k flat.

Sir, I saw your ad on craigslist
( Is the vehicle
still for sale and how firm are you on the price? I too have a long


Things started out civil enough…

Hi Josh: I am firm on this price, but it could come down a bit. It is certainly
negotiable, and as you probably already know, the prices on these are
high because of their performance and economy. How much are you looking
to spend?

This one is in excellent condition. I am the second owner, and the
things that matter were recently done. Water Pump, timing belt, I did
the glow plugs too, tune up, fuel filter, oil and oil filter, air
pilter, cabin filter, tires, and also I serviced the manual transmition,
noone ever does it, but I am anal about everything so I do things that
seem crazy like servicing a manual TDI tranny.

Let me know if you are interested.

Igor Skinder
Marketing & Sales Executive
The Wolfington Companies
920 Matsonford Rd
W. Conshohocken, PA 19428
610.238.9008 Office
610.238.9912 Facsimile
484.250.2256 Mobile

And the pretty standard “I wouldn’t have posted it for that price if I didn’t want that price”.

Igor, Thanks for getting back to me. I have $3000 cash in hand for the
project which is the low end of the bluebook. The VWs aren’t huge on
reliability which is why I’m a bit apprehensive about spending all of
the piggy bank on the car itself and keeping nothing in hand for any
possible repairs.  I’m a toyota guy, but obviously they haven’t been
too keen on diesel.


Parry, dodge…

I have to disagree on the VW’s reliability statement. I am not sure what
you know about VW’s or about TDIs for that matter. TDIs are getting sold
at a high price, and lowest offer I got on this car was 6,400. Repairs
and TDI are two things that do not go together. All these cars want is
every 75,000 miles to be equipped with a new timing belt and a water
pump. That is all a TDI buyer usually asks me.
This car sells for $4500 at an auto auction. Kelly Blue Book does not
drive the prices of the TDI’s, the economy does, demand and supply.

Good day,

Igor Skinder
Marketing & Sales Executive
The Wolfington Companies
920 Matsonford Rd
W. Conshohocken, PA 19428
610.238.9008 Office
610.238.9912 Facsimile
484.250.2256 Mobile

With a name like Igor, he’d better have all the gold they lost in the Holocaust asking that price. I’ve found some pretty strange stuff in the back seat of cars at the yard, but never a pile of gold filled teeth from dead jews.

No shit Igor, that’s how the world works. The demand is for lower
prices, the supply is week old craigslist ads. 😉
Let me know if it becomes a two week old craigslist ad.


To be fair, it wasn’t two weeks old, but anyone who has bought or tried to buy a car on craigslist knows that it either moves in the first day or two or not at all. Once it falls off the front page, most people don’t bother.

If he does get back to me, I’ll tell him I’ll see him on ebay. Update!  8pm I get this: “sorry, sold today, $6750.00”. That was everything in the email, so I suspect someone from K5 tipped him off.  Notice the lack of signature, the lack of CL ad, and especially the lack of a tax, tags and title place open at 8pm.

2 thoughts on “Used Car Horror Stories Part 2

  1. You are correct in assuming that VWs have alot of maintenance problems… I had a Golf TDI, a Jetta GLX VR6, and a Corrado SLC VR6. The jetta had electrical problems and lost $12000 off the base price the first year I had it. The Golf had awesome gas mileage but would periodically leave me stranded. The Corrado SLC blew up after a paltry 65,000 miles.

    In communist Russia, VW owns you…

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