Deathwish: Real Life

I swear you can’t make this stuff up. The names and locations will be changed to protect the innocent.

It was Smith and Wesson Day at the local range, so I was doing my two favorite weekend activities: Giving advice and spending someone else’s money. He had been looking at a few different guns but since it was discount day there and they were handing out $150 rebates on their prices plus two free mags, we decided to shoot some guns. Which was also free minus the drastically inflated cost of ammo. The lines were out the door of course, people who knew how to shoot were there, people shopping were there, and people who never shot before were taking advantage of the free shooting. My buddy had his eye on a compact in 9mm, so we pulled the Smith and Wesson M&P Compact in 9mm. It was in the shop for $500. After rebates and stuff, that came down to $350. Others in the running were Kel Tec, Kahr, and my favorite Sig Sauer.

After shooting the S&W MP, however, it was pretty clear it was a buyer at the price. Accurate as hell heck inside of 15 yards, it doesn’t reach out to 25 like the Sig but with the barrel, who can blame it. Sweet trigger pull, and a decent design. It also comes with changeable handgrips so if you don’t like one, you can swap them out. All this and the fact that the controls are user-serviceable and switch to lefty, and we were both sold on the platform. It doesn’t come without it’s gripes, but I don’t think anything does. I don’t like having a nonexposed hammer unless you can decock it or it has a safety (it has neither). The only other gripe is there’s a dry-fire arm you have to pull down to open the action but this is easy to do with the tool in the bottom. Finally the action spring is captive, but this prevents you from shooting the action across the room. Changing the spring for handloading may be expensive though. But since it’s not a target pistol, these are minor gripes.

We went to Olive Garden for dinner,  and hand a good glass of wine and their lasagna. We spent about two and some change hours there and then retired back to their place where we realized it was midnight. Oops. Everyone rolled out after and my buddy and his girlfriend locked up. On our way out we did notice a bunch of people in the parking lot who were hanging around but didn’t think anything of it being north Philadelphia.

Today I found out the moment we left, two black males went door to door in their building (four apartments) and wouldn’t identify themselves. When my buddy challenged them through the door, they said they were selling “The Word of God” (at midnight on a Saturday). Unfortunately for my buddy, he didn’t have any ammo, but racking the new S&W was enough for them to be convinced it was time to pick on someone else. His girlfriend is really apprehensive about owning a gun, but she’s slowly seeing the light.