Compressed Natural Gas / Liquid Propane Gas

The guy who owned the diesel was nuts, and basically tried to fish me along with the old, “Well I’ve got a deposit, but if you meet this price over here…”

I hate that crap. I just hung up on him. If he’s really got a deposit, it’s good as sold. If he doesn’t have a deposit, he’s jerking me around anyway. From the sound of it, it was some mechanic’s pet rebuild project anyway.

I wanted a 1992 Camry in stick shift since I really hate paying the “automatic transmission” tax. It costs you in both gas and engine wear, if you short shift the trans all the time the engine doesn’t put wear on the bearings, and the slower the engine moves the less gas it uses (not entirely true but you get the point). Plus I already have a fresh clutch kit on the other 5SFE. The problem is that no-one really bought a Camry with stick, so I’m using the automatic trans or bust. In fact, googling for the Camry gearbox yields absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even have a name. I thought it was the NA MR2 gearbox, but the MR2 gearbox doesn’t have a differential. The Camry gearbox does, and because of the orientation it also spins the opposite direction. Unless I want one forward gear in my car and five reverse speeds, I can’t use the MR2 gearbox with the stock engine mount. I have entertained the idea of putting the engine in the camry in backwards and using MR2 headers, but this is a project for way down the road and the MR2’s “performance headers” on the 5SFE move the powerband way up, which isn’t fun in traffic.

But, since it looks like I am not building a greasecar, and I still hate Arabs, I’m going to try to run propane compressed natural gas. Anyone have any opinions on it?

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