Cheap Chinese Goods

Continuing the horrors of automobiles thread here, I recently ran across Chinese motorcycle imports completely by accident.  The company is called LiFan, and it makes just about everything you see in the corner of your local pep boys. The importers don’t say a whole lot about the bikes, but it seems that you purchase a frame, then purchase an engine that fits that frame. They assemble the whole lot and ship it to you. In the true spirit of stealing everything not bolted to the floor, their cars even look like Buicks.

Anyone know anything about these guys? Like I posted before, I want a beater car, but I’m not above buying cheap chinese knockoffs. If the car really is a copy of the GM design, it has serious junkyard potential.

3 thoughts on “Cheap Chinese Goods

  1. As a matter of fact, I just bought a Lifan in August. Its my first bike, a crusier 250cc. Its perfect for learning.
    As this is my first bike I don’t have anything to compare it to, but my husband, a lifetime rider, says its a great little bike. Runs well, looks good. Our only complaint is that theres this beeper that goes off when the turn signals are activated. It sounds like a trucks back up beeper, its loud as hell, and embarrassed the shit out of me. We baffled it with some foam and electrical tape and now you can;t hear it. Of course, now I keep forgetting to turn my signal off…lol

  2. Don’t remember exactly why we didn’t cut the wire. I think there was an issue of it cutting off the turn signal function , as well.

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