I drive a 1991 Turbocharged Toyota MR2. According to the government, it gets about 18 and 24 MPG. This is all well and good, but the maintenance interval is incredibly short. You will change the oil every 3000 miles and it will take all four and some change quarts. The timing belt itself needs changing every 60,000. The problem is, I care way too much about the car to continue fielding it as a daily driver. I would much rather hang it up for weekends at my parents place, and this has the added happy fun time of letting me take all that EPA crap off the car and finally do some serious autocrossing. For the record, it wouldn’t be eligible for the gas guzzler tax. However at an estimated cost of $4 to drive 25 miles, you can figure out it really adds up.

It’s also really hard on your ass.

I was considering a motorcycle, but after the accident six months ago where I was rear ended and PA’s finest State Police dispatched Captain Knuckledragger who did nothing to investigate, I decided this was a bad idea. I’ve always wanted a Subaru wagon, but Travis says they’re hell to work on. I considered one of Toyotas four doors, but I haven’t found anything I like in a price I like. The advantage here is that I already have Toyota parts coming out of the woodwork, and to also quote Travis, “I’m comfortable with their bullshit”. The third option is diesel, but the prices fluctuate wildly. But by that I mean station-to-station, diesel is usually on par with premium gasoline but you get 40mpg out of it. However, Subaru’s 2.2 liter engine fuel economy pegs it at 29mpg highway, and it has AWD. Almost diesel performance on straight pump gas.

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