The PA Turnpike

I’m coming in on the turnpike and as is typical for Horsham, there’s two or less EZ Pass lanes.  This morning there was one open. So I’m coming down the ramp and traffic is backed up the entire ramp onto the turnpike. There’s two lanes on the ramp, so hoping to avoid being rear-ended by sitting on the right lane of the turnpike proper, I take the open lane. Oops – you can’t see the EZ Pass signs from the ramp, and my choice was wrong. I get to the bottom and realize I’m in the non-EZ pass lane. There’s four green lights, one EZ Pass lane, and no-one is going through the other ones.

Figuring this is either a mistake or something (there were no banners indicating what the purpose of the lane was minus the EZPass), I picked a lane with a green light on and threw the car through. All was good, except the little traffic light thing didn’t come on.

If I’m reading the rules correctly, they send you a ticket in the mail. Still, I don’t know if it’s one of those affirmative blacktion things or what, but it’s annoying that the transponders don’t work in non-EZ Pass lanes. WHY?

1 thought on “The PA Turnpike

  1. Actually, they do. Atleast the exit that I usually take – the valley forge exit – all lanes accept EZPass. Then there are EZPass only lanes, where you can’t pay cash.

    But this happened to me once – I went thru an EZPass lane too fast I guess and I got a ticket in the mail. But I called them and said I did have an EZPass, so they took my tag #, deducted the appropriate amount, and we went our happy ways.

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