Mad Elf 2



Well sort of, we used German Munich, and instead of Pils we used Munton’s extra-light. The other guy is using Munton’s Light.

The yeast I’m using is the Belgian Strong (Wyeast 1388), Travis is using a triple (white labs 500).

For cherries I’m going to try to get locally grown cherries if the farmers market is still open – we have a place up here. I may also add a maraschino cherry for color and to ensure my liver is good and fucked. 😉 I dunno what Travis is doing, but you asked to be posted if anyone attempts this so here we go.

I think the tab so far is $50, I’m hoping it’s worth it. I’ve got to get this all-grain thing going – it would have been half the price (Dingman’s Pils @ 1.6 Lov crushed is $1.70/lbs). Do you use the outdoor burner or a stove top to mash?

1 thought on “Mad Elf 2

  1. I use the outdoor burner, I have more control over the temperature. My indoor is an electric eye and it thinks it is smarter than it is and fluctuates the heat outout. My outdoor gas lets me keep a good constant heat underneath.

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