Osage Orange

Me and Travis were trying out new hunting grounds since it looked like rain on the farm. Unfortunately the public lands are mostly geared towards deer, which makes small game hunting not that fun. As we walked next to this river, we came across a small grove tucked into a flood plain. The plain itself obviously harbored deer, but we didn’t see any. What we did run across were some interesting trees and a small grove of felled fruit. The fruit was waxy, and I never had seen it before in the wild. I cut one open, and the center was a waxy mess of seeds, with orange like flesh on the outside under the skin. Tasting it, it was sort of lemony, but not bitter. Of course, this means I needed to take one and… EAT IT.

Using the Identify By Fruit guide,  I found out I ran across a grove of osage oranges. SHOULD I EAT IT?