What’s With Grolsch.com?

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, Grolsch is running some crazy detective thing on their website:


Without sound (I’m at work), I have no idea what to make of it, but it seems like it might be engaging entertainment from what I can figure out clicking around. I just wish it were better value for the money. At $8 for four bottles at the You Pick It, it’s steep.

Oh God, it’s Officially Back

I settled on blogger because Moe gave it a thumbs up. It might not be so hot in terms of interface design but it’s nice not to have to manage the hosting also. Maybe some day I will take it back.


We’re cleaning out the apartment to make room for Kelly’s new desk, which was a WALMART special. Here’s a hint: Don’t buy shit from walmart. I still need to countersink some screws in to really give it structure, but the assembly was crap (plastic pegs) and the wood was soft plywood laminate. On the other hand, it has drawers and a hutch which my desk does not have.

We got a laser printer. I got a HP Laserjet Color 2600N on Ebay for a penny. The guy wasn’t happy to part with it, but after an e-mail insinuating that the state police would pay him a visit, the printer shipped and he magically found my payment information. I left him positive feedback (because no-one cares on ebay). The only thing that pisses me off is the printer requires all the toner carts installed, but they can be empty. So the initial investment of $80 skyrockets into $40 x 4 to get it off the ground. Still, for $200, you can’t touch a color laser and you’re still way below list. Toner is pretty cheap also.

A bit on toner: Toner comes in sizes (10 microns, 8 microns, 6 microns, etc). If it’s 600dpi, the rule of thumb is that the toner is 6 microns with other sizes going inversely. If you know the specs on your laserprinter’s toner and are feeling especially jewish, you can substitute the appropriate toner from the office photocopier. If not, toner goes for about $15 a bottle on ebay, and it’s a matter of drilling a hole in the cart and filling it back up. Drill another hole in the obvious tray in the bottom to empty out the toner catch (catches excess toner, of which there should be none if you set your printer to conserve), and shake that out. Cover both in tape. If you own an HP, you have the additional step of either telling the printer to override the cart empty warning or buying a modchip for the cart on ebay. Or avoid the whole mess by starting out with a third party recycle in the first place.

MR2: The car is in decent condition after the exhaust bracket broke. Nothing to see here.

Beer: Chocolate Irish Stout is brewing, I intend on adding coca and vanilla to taste to make it a real chocolate vanilla stout. Ah, dessert beer.